A relaxing customised wine tour in the Barossa Valley!

Who doesn’t like to go on a nice, relaxing, personalised day trip? Practically anyone and everyone look forward to and would love to go on a short break so as to unwind and relax. That is why Hills Luxury Day Tours is who you should opt for a day trip to the wineries in the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills.

Now, why should you choose Hills Luxury Day Tours?

  • A couple interesting reasons would make the Hills Luxury Day Tours standout and you will want to book with us for your next day trip.
  • Our half day or full day trips and tours are customised and personalised based on customer requirements.
  • We are very flexible and accommodate special requests of customers.
  • We believe in giving unforgettable experiential experiences so that our customers will cherish the wine tasting tours that they took with us.
  • We arrange private wine tours and also regular larger group wine tours to Barossa Valley and the Adelaide Hills.

While on a half day or day trip with us, this is what we provide:

  1. We package our wine tours in the Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley with a visit to the local wineries, tasting the different wines and strolling around the vineyards.
  2. Depending upon the tour group size, a comfortable, chauffeur-driven luxury bus or mini-van is arranged.
  3. To make the travel and ride to the wineries and vineyards very comfortable, the vehicle is equipped with all safety and comfort features so that guests are never travel weary.
  4. If you want to surprise your friend, spouse, relative or loved one and would like to spread the gift of love, then we offer gift cards that you can gift on any occasion.


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After going on an Adelaide Hills or Barossa Valley tour what are the lasting effects it leaves on guests?

  • A memorable trip and there is a lot packed in a day.
  • The trip is well-planned and curated. There is so much to do, see and experience.
  • While on the Barossa Valley wine tours, guests get to taste and try different types of wines and their knowledge about wines grows.
  • All the wine tours are accompanied by a gourmet lunch that is specially designed to complement the wine tasting sessions.

To book a wine tasting tour in the Adelaide Hills or Barossa Valley, connect with  Hills Luxury Day Tours on- 0421 903 077 or 0427 177 845. Write to us at info@hillsluxurydaytours.com.au.